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In the highway and bridge market, CSL’s silicone-based products play a vital role in protecting assets through enhancement of both performance and lifespan. CSL Silicone coatings and sealants consistently deliver cost-effective protection against corrosion, weathering, UV degradation, while providing excellent adhesion, flexibility, and resistance to temperature fluctuations.

CSL’s portfolio of 100% silicone sealants extend service life of highway and bridge structures. The use of our concrete joints sealants on bridges provides excellent adhesion, flexibility, and durability, allowing for optimal joint expansion and contraction, superior resistance to weathering, and water ingress.

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Si-COAT® AG Series

While clear Si-COAT® AG™ Series products may be used to keep new assets looking their best, pigmented coatings such as Si-COAT® 528 AG™ may be used to cover tagged surfaces and protect them going forward.

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Corrosion Maintenance

Si-COAT® CM Series

With minimal surface preparation, Si-COAT® CM™ Series products can protect assets where the original coating has failed. The UV and temperature resistance of Si-COAT®579 CM™ will protect your assets longer.

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