Si-COAT® RC Series

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Shedding the Storm: Silicone Roof Coatings Repel Ponding Water Woes

Our roof coating products are a cost-effective way of restoring a roof, improving its performance by reducing cooling costs and creating a waterproof barrier to weathering damage.

Si-COAT® RC Series silicone coatings are designed for long-term protection against the effects of normal weathering such as UV radiation and rainfall that accelerates the aging of building materials, damaging valuable assets. The silicone chemistry of Si-COAT® RC Series makes it an acceptable solution for projects where ponding water may rule out other technologies.

Resistance to:

  1. UV
  2. Ponding Water
  3. Wind-Driven Rain
  4. Aging
  5. Temperature Fluctuations
  6. Freeze & Thaw


Technical Data Sheets & more

Si-COAT® 460 RC™

PDF / 582 Kbyte.


Si-COAT® 461 RC™

PDF / 546 Kbyte.


Si-COAT® 462 RC™

PDF / 941 Kbyte.


CSL® 425

PDF / 254 Kbyte.


CSL® 463

PDF / 294 Kbyte.


CSL® 464

PDF / 930 Kbyte.


CSL® 465

PDF / 931 Kbyte.


CSL® 469

PDF / 915 Kbyte.



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for Si-COAT® RC Series

Our Products

Si-COAT® RC Series

Si-COAT® 460 RC™ Low-solids roof coating

Choosing a white colour and IR reflectant pigments produce an excellent cooling effect, color stability and chalk resistance.

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Si-COAT® 461 RC™ High-solids roof coating

Can cover with one-coat application using a brush, roller, squeegeeor airless spray.

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CSL® 463 RC™ Series Silicone Roof Sealant

A one-part, moisture curing, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV), 100% silicone high performance roof sealant.

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CSL® 464 RC™ Series Self-Leveling Silicone Roof Sealant

Designed to reduce flow and sag properties to improve the hang of the sealant on low and semi-steep sloped applications.

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CSL® 465 RC™ Series Silicone Flashing Sealant

Repair material for metal and SPF roofs. Seal fasteners, seams and details on low and semi-steep sloped roofs.

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Si-COAT® 462 RC™ Walkpad coating

Slip resistant: Combine with CSL 469 Walkpad Granules to provide traction and resistance under foot traffic.

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