Si-COAT® AB Series

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Seal of Success: Monolithic Air Barrier Redefines Building Efficiency

The fluid-applied components of the Si-COAT® AB Series system combine to create a monolithic air barrier, preventing unintended air-leakage and increasing the efficiency of your building.

Si-COAT® AB Series fluid-applied air barrier system is comprised of a single component, RTV silicone products that form a durable barrier to air and water in building wall assemblies, creating higher levels of energy efficiency and comfort for the occupants. The unique ability to repel these elements, while allowing vapor to escape, creates a system that can drastically increase the life span of the other building materials it protects. The system is comprised of coatings and accessories such as sealants, liquid-flashing and transition membrane.

Resistance to:

  1. UV
  2. Water
  3. Ageing
  4. Weathering
  5. Temperature Fluctuations
  6. Freeze & Thaw Cycles


Technical Data Sheets & more

Si-COAT® 422 AB™

PDF / 153 Kbyte.


CSL® 423

PDF / 175 Kbyte.


CSL® 424

PDF / 133 Kbyte.


CSL® 428

PDF / 148 Kbyte.



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Si-COAT® AB Series

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