Si-COAT® 422 AB™ Fluid-Applied Tri-Functional™ Low VOC Coating

Air Barrier
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Key Features:

  • Weatherproofing Protection: Excellent long-term resistance to damage from sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuations, ensures durable waterproofing performance.
  • Elastomeric: Thin film membrane (20 mil min) bridges cracks and accommodates movement due to freeze-thaw cycles up to 1/8 inch.
  • Breathable: Allows moisture vapor to diffuse through a liquid water barrier membrane.
  • UV Performance: Tested to withstand 5000 hours of accelerated weathering testing (QUV).
  • High Solids: Easily applied using brush, roller or airless spray equipment with increased coverage per gallon.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content.

Si-COAT® 422AB™ is a silicone liquid applied, moisture-cure, elastomeric, monolithic, low VOC air barrier designed to protect against air infiltration and water penetration. The coating cures from as low as – 18°C up to 60°C. The vapor semi-permeable coating cures to form a flexible membrane that is impervious to water but has the ability to “breath”, allowing water vapor to escape from inside the substrate. The cured membrane provides long-term protection from air and water infiltration and flexibility to accommodate normal movement imposed by thermal contraction and expansion. There is no exposure limit as the coating provides for a durable, long-term resistance to UV and the elements. Si-COAT® 422AB™ is designed to be sprayed or rolled over exterior, abovegrade wall assemblies and is typically applied to exterior sheathing boards, concrete block, poured concrete or wood substrates. The coating is low VOC and SCAQMD compliant.


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Si-COAT® 422 AB™

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