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Inspiration Taken From the Marvels of Nature

Much like human skin, an RTV Silicone coating possesses certain key behaviours, albeit much more robustly. Elasticity, breathability, self-healing, hydrophobicity (including transfer of hydrophobicity into the contamination layer that may pollute its surface) and stability within extreme temperature fluctuations. Man-made silicone chemistry often replicates these marvels in such a way that a dedicated focus on applied silicone chemistry drove CSL to create a ‘fresh’ approach in the development of high-performance products that are both a clever and an innovative gesture of respect to the inherent brilliance of nature itself. Innovative leadership has been the cornerstone of CSL Silicones’ philosophy of deviating from the traditional paths taken in favour of blazing new and less travelled trails. The acquisition of CSL in its entirety in 2019 by BRB International has greatly enhanced CSL’s profile while exponentially increasing the purchasing power through that of a world-class silicone materials supplier.

With the combined expertise of CSL’s polysiloxane chemistry and BRB’s procurement capabilities, CSL is poised for significant expansion in the years to come. The company’s documented standing in both patented and proprietary silicone coatings technologies fuels future innovation responses necessary to meet tomorrow’s challenges, today.

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