We are excited to share that as of April 26, 2024, both our Si-COAT® 460RC™ and Si-COAT® 461RC™, manufactured at our Guelph, Ontario facility, have been certified by NSF. This certification, in accordance with Protocol P151 – Health Effects from Rainwater Catchment System Components, assures our stakeholders of the safety and quality of our products, further enhancing their trust in CSL.

NSF Protocol 151 (P151) Certification is crucial for rainwater catchment system components, especially when it comes to roof coatings. Check out our full list of certifications for our  Si-COAT® RC™ Series of Products. 

1. Scope and Purpose:
2. Certification Assurance:
3. Safe Rainwater Collection:

In summary, NSF P151 Certification plays a vital role in maintaining water quality and safety in rainwater catchment systems, including those with roof coatings but more importantly aligns with CSL’s sustainability initiatives and our commitment to the environment where we live, play and work.


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