Si-COAT® CM Series

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Rust Never Sleeps: The Ingenious Arsenal Against Corrosion Unveiled

With minimal surface preparation, Si-COAT® CM™ Series products can protect assets where the original coating has failed. The UV and temperature resistance of Si-COAT®579 CM™ will protect your assets longer.

Si-COAT® CM™ Series for corrosion maintenance is a line of Silicone coatings designed to withstand harsh climates and service environments for long-term protection. All Si-COAT® CM™ Series coatings are naturally hydrophobic,flexible and UV stable, combining to create long-term protection. Their superior performance reduces your maintenance costs and extends the life of your assets.

Resistance to:

  1.  UV
  2.  Water
  3.  Wind-Driven Rain
  4.  Aging
  5.  Temperature Fluctuations
  6.  Freeze & Thaw Cycles


Technical Data Sheets & more

Si-COAT® 579 CM™

PDF / 338 Kbyte.


Si-COAT® 580 CM™

PDF / 320 Kbyte.


Si-COAT® 581 CM™

PDF / 317 Kbyte.



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Si-COAT® CM Series

Si-COAT® 579 CM™ Corrosion Maintenance Protective Coating

Si-COAT® 580 CM™ Low VOC Corrosion Maintenance Protective Coating

Si-COAT® 581 CM™ Clear Corrosion Maintenance Protective Coating

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