Si-COAT® 580 CM™ Low VOC Corrosion Maintenance Protective Coating

Corrosion Maintenance
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Key Features:

  • Easy One-Coat Application: Self-priming single coat with minimal surface preparation (no abrasive blasting or profiling required) therefore - less time and labour costs
  • Advanced Performance: Long-lasting protection from corrosion (stops rust creep)
  • Cost Effective: Apply less product (8-12 mils DFT) for superior protection
  • UV Performance: All colors are tested to withstand 5,000 hours of Accelerated Weathering (QUV); Color change <1 delta E CIE * Lab
  • Flexibility: High elasticity allows for flexibility of coating and allows for thermal expansion and contraction of surfaces
  • Environmentally Responsible: Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content; Si-COAT® CM 580™ is VOC compliant

Easy to spray, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Si-COAT® CM 580™ is a single component, moisture cure, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone coating that provides long-lasting protection from corrosion in retrofit projects. Typical applications include structural steel, bridges, machinery and equipment, areas with heavy corrosion, tank exteriors, metal roofs, cladding, etc. Si-COAT® CM 580™ is ideal where coverage is essential and high levels of protection, adhesion, elasticity and longevity are desired.


Technical Data Sheets & more

Si-COAT® 580 CM™

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