CSL® 463 RC™ Series Silicone Roof Sealant

Roof Coatings
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Features & Benefits

  1. Permanent ponding water resistance
  2. Adhesion to multiple substrates without primer
  3. Excellent adhesion and hang - vertical and horizontal applications
  4. Excellent weather-ability
  5. Rain safe in 1 hour
  6. Primary or secondary seal against water, air and duct penetration
  7. Wide temperature application range: 41°F to 140°F
  8. Wide temperature performance range: -76°F to 392°F
  9. 100% silicone moisture-cure technology
  10. High performance sealing for buildings
  11. Ready to use and requires no mixing or additives

Product Description

CSL463 is a one-part, moisture curing, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV), 100% silicone roof sealant. CSL463 is a high performance product offering excellent UV resistance and weathering characteristics with no hardening, chalking or cracking. It offers excellent adhesion to a variety of building materials. CSL463 is used on metal roof seams, flashings, fasteners, drains, aged single ply membrane roofs, existing SPF, modified bitumen and other repair areas. CSL463 is also used as a weather seal, for vertical and horizontal crack repairs and for adhesion on 2-point control joints. It can also be used for EIFS installation and restoration, concrete restoration, stucco repairs and restoration. CSL463 provides excellent tensile strength and high flexibility.


Technical Data Sheets & more

CSL® 463

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