The recent INMR World Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, was a great opportunity for CSL to interact with power generation, transmission and other utility companies from across the globe. Our team kept our flagship product, Si-COAT® 570 HVIC™ RTV Silicone High Voltage Insulator Coating, at the centre of the conversation.

Being present in the emerging South Asian market was important for us to receive positive feedback from our customers and understand their expectations for the future. As a formulator, hearing feedback at the ground level is key to allowing us to innovate. We also find amazing partners to conduct studies with and share data collection and lab studies for peer review.

The emergence of sophisticated automated application systems is happening across the globe. We are excited to see what the future holds and are committed to being at the forefront with our innovative and evolving Si-COAT® 570 HVIC™ Silicone coatings

What is the INMR World Congress?

The INMR World Congress is a skills enrichment and technical enrichment event for engineers and other professionals in the field of power transmission & distribution. It is comprised of a 3-day Conference and a PRODUCT and technology EXHIBITION that runs in parallel.

This Congress is held every two years and moves successively between Asia, Europe and the Americas. The last Congress was held in Berlin from Oct 16 to 19, 2022 and saw hundreds of participants from across the globe attend 115 paper presentations.

The product and technology exhibition showcases the newest designs of key network components and related testing services and equipment. This unique ‘hands-on’ exhibition will allow attendees to discuss their needs with experts from many of the leading international suppliers.